Alice In Wonderland Theme

 A wedding that is outrageously and elegantly celebrated

Alice In Wonderland Theme

This unique wedding theme defies all the formality in a wedding ceremony! Who says that having the best wedding is having a formal one?

An Alice in Wonderland theme is a very popular wedding theme nowadays, as it gives the couple all sorts of excuses to be random; wonky homemade cakes, mismatching decorations and colorful wedding food and drinks. In truth, this theme actually encourages all sorts of creative madness!

Let the Mad Hatter slip into your guests’ hearts by giving them an invitation card with an “open me” caption in a nice, readable font. Make sure to incorporate your wedding palette of blue, yellow, green and pink all together in gentle, whimsical pastels.

alice in wonderland theme, alice in wonderland entrance

Guests will come to the “mad” conclusion that they have been invited to a lively and cheerful wedding, so they will wear their very best outrageous attire with a splash of color, if you want to make it an informal affair.

Whimsical decorations are a major requirement for this theme. Choose a color palette with extreme opposites like black, green and pink. This gives an eye-catching color combination with a happy tone to add even more cheer to your day.

alice in wonderland theme, table setting

To most people this kind of theme may seem a bit childish—but who said we don’t all have this childish dream?

I can assure you that this theme will not only bring back the child in you and your guests, but can also give an ambiance of elegance to your wedding. However, outrageous behavior is still more evident in this theme.

alice in wonderland theme

As for the bride’s dress, it is still important to go with your personal preferences. You can wear the traditional white gown, or you can wear a pastel colored gown, corresponding with your palette.

If you are more into the darker side of the story for your wedding color scheme, then a red wedding dress paired up with a gorgeous wedding hair style is the way to go.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Ideas

Let your entourage wear Alice in Wonderland themed gowns. You can also have the gown hemmed shorter so it shows the bridal shoes.

Let your flower girls wear all-out Alice attire. Your groom can wear his formal wear, but wear a pastel colored tie, perhaps to match your pastel gown, and groomsmen should wear striped socks; they are a must for fans of the Mad Hatter. You can also let them wear top hats just like The Mad Hatter!

alice in wonderland theme
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Your decorations will depend on your color palette. You can have flowers all over your reception area.
Playing cards should be everywhere, and your centerpieces should be mini tea sets to symbolize your love of the Mad Hatter’s tea party!

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