Alice in Wonderland Decorations

Alice in Wonderland Decorations

This themed decorations are best paired with your Alice in wonderland wedding theme. Decors for this theme are creative and colorful.

alice in wonderland decorations

Some actually call these “recession-defying decorations,” because you can combine decorations that are not compatible, and most of them can be found inside your house or backyard.

For the Mad Hatter tea party wedding decor, you can opt for pastel hues of green, blue, yellow and pink. Quirky props based on the book are the focal point of the wedding reception.

Welcome your guests the Mad Hatter way! Have a photo booth with props positioned at the entrance. Each guest, or groups of guests, can pose for a photo wearing the props.

Tall top hats, bunny ears, quirky mustaches and large teacups are the best props for this. This is the best way to create an unforgettable moment for your guests—an original memory for years to come.

alice in wonderland decorations

In your reception hall, the Alice in Wonderland decorations can have a fun twist. Let your guests release their inner child by displaying a swing on a carpet that looks just like grass.

They will have the time of their life in this swing. Windows, like the one in the picture, will be a good place to take photos in a wacky, fun way!

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Ideas
alice in wonderland decorations, alice in wonderland  cookies

One thing that is prominent in the story is the captions. So why don’t you let the captions direct your guests from “this way,” to “that way,” and invite them to “drink me,” and “read me,” all around your reception.

You can include these phrases in cookies, place cards, and even decorating your guestbook.
Ideas like this will make your reception a lively one!

alice in wonderland decorations, alice in wonderland centerpiece
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Give your gift table the detail it deserves. A big, pink teapot with a cup—in a slightly bent position—detailed with flowers like pink daisies, red roses in full bloom and buds, and some white callas. A caption of “drink me!” will liven up the place!

As your wedding day ends, the party is just beginning. Set a mini-stage on the other side of the hall with a band, and let them play their music as you and your guests play cards.

Place two cards on each table with your guests’ names and playing card favors set beside it. A plate of cookies in the center with a caption “eat me,” and a cup of tea with “drink me” captions set the party alive, and let your guests dance the night away!

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