African Wedding Traditions

Fun and original customs

Wedding traditions are always fun and unique to the civilization they represent. Many cultures and religions mix on this wonderful continent, and that fusion translates into some of the African traditions.

Traditions will fill both your ceremony and party, and will make your wedding one of a kind.
Take a look at these classic African traditions, and make them your own.

Yoruba Ritual

The couple tastes four different elements that represent the different emotions in a relationship. So, what are these items and what do they mean?

* Lemon (sour)

* Vinegar (bitter)

* Cayenne (hot)

* Honey (sweet)

By tasting these four elements, the couple shows that they will be able to get through problems together, and in the end, enjoy the sweetness of their relationship.

Tying the Knot

A fun and easy tradition to follow is the tying of the knot. Bride and groom have their wrists tied together with a cloth while reading their vows.

Jumping the Broom

You will need a traditional wedding broom. And, you may ask, “What do you mean?”
Well, you need a small broom that you will decorate to reflect your style.

You can use flowers, ribbons, beads, etc., to decorate it.
You and your husband will sweep the floor with the broom together in a circular motion.

Then place the broom on the floor and jump over it together.
This custom represents the beginning of a new home.

Cowrie Shells

These beautiful shells symbolize fertility, and they are present at almost every African wedding. You can also incorporate it as part of your decorations or centerpieces.

Some brides have a more chic approach, and wear them as part of their wedding jewelry. Another way you can incorporate this custom is by adding some of the shells to your wedding bouquet. You can mix them with flowers in some decorative sticks, or as a finishing touch on your wedding bouquet ribbon.

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