African Theme Wedding

Traditions and Nature mix for a Wild Celebration

African Theme Wedding

This is a fun, original, and fierce theme. Your guests will be happily surprised when they arrive at your wedding and see what you have planned with this unconventional theme.

If you always imagined a luscious wedding surrounded by the African beauty, you will be thrilled to bring the feeling of the continent to your venue.
Let's start working and get the party started!

African Theme Wedding Invitations

Your first approach to let everyone know about your union it is communicated by the wedding invitation.

Use a classy wedding invite, timeless elegance is key to keep tradition.

Yes, this is a unique theme, but what makes it unique is the environment. Traditionally, African couples have very classy, formal invitations; so don't resist, and embrace part of the tradition form the beginning of your planning.

Here are 3 invites we love to fit the theme of your celebration.

Decorating your Venue

For this theme, you want to recreate the environment of the African jungle. With that said, an outdoor wedding will be perfect, and an evening celebration will make it even more attractive, intriguing and romantic.

Personalized Africa Arch

Decorate with bamboo stakes and giant butterflies.

If your celebration is indoors, recreate the African atmosphere with a palm backdrop.

A classic flower arrangement will bring a delicate and romantic effect to the table.

However, if you are looking for something unique for your theme wedding, what better item than a metallic palm centerpiece.

Mini Palm Tree Centerpiece

A Menu to Delight

Fabulous food is synonymous with an African wedding!
Roasted chicken, marinated lamb spare ribs, and roast brisket with mustard sauce are some options for your main dish.

Sides such as eggplant or tomato chutney, butternut squash, corn on the cob with wild spinach, baked sweet potatoes, roasted pumpkin and yellow rice are some of the cultural options.

And the sweets? Tropical fruit salads, coconut flan, lemon and custard tarts, profiteroles with vanilla mousse—I don't know about you, but I am getting hungry just thinking about this sweets table!

A black forest cake is the perfect example of African cake, and you can even have it as your wedding cake!

If you are having this type of wedding for cultural reasons or heritage, you may want to add some African wedding traditions to your celebration.

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