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Hello! I am so glad you are here. My name is Andrea and I am a wedding planner and bridal coach.

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a beautiful city full of art, culture and people who loves to celebrate.

I went to college and earned my degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. That is when my love with events began (and is still going strong). Having attended a business oriented high school before that, I found that events were the perfect match 2 of my skills: budgeting and creativity.

So it was only logical that finding a job at a Hotel with banquet and event space was perfect for me.

Fast forward and in year 2000, after spending a year in Orlando, FL. on internships, I finally moved to the States. I placed my event dreams on hold, I still worked in the hospitality industry as I love helping people and which better place than the tourist capital of the world to do so.

I got engaged, and decided to plan my own wedding, it was only natural. That is when I realized that being the bride and being the planner is a lot to take in! You see, I was elated, I was getting married, and this is what I love doing, and know how to.

The issue was, that as many brides to be, I was literally in a strange place. I wasn’t in my hometown, where I knew which venues will fit which theme, where to find items and what where the prices and estimated delivery times, amongst other thousand things.

And it hit me, if I had all this knowledge, but all of a sudden this bridal planning syndrome took over me, what happens to brides like yourself, that have too much to think about and plan that do not even know where to start?

I love planning weddings and events while keeping up with the newest trends and products in the industry. Deciding on color palettes, themes, locations and then finding the best items to bring that vision to life while keeping budget in mind is what I enjoy.

And that is one of the reasons why this site was created. Because I love channeling all this knowledge and creativity that will help you get inspired and have the wedding you want.

What this means to you is that I can help you save time, stress and money with my wedding planning and coaching knowledge.

Click here if you want to find out how we can work together to make your wedding a success.

I hope you enjoy the site and happy wedding planning!



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