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* The Newest Wedding Themes

* You are looking for what?

* Sweepstakes and Promotions

* Your questions answered

* And Last but not Least!
The Newest Wedding Themes

So many themes are added to the site monthly that is hard to keep track of what’s new.
Here are the latest additions in case you missed them.

Arabian Wedding Theme
Pirate Wedding Theme
Unique Wedding Themes

You are looking for what?
Are you a DYI bride?
If so : has the best selection of arts and crafts supplies.
Customize your garter with some of their charms to fit your theme or create great centerpieces and/or decorations with their fake feathered birds and flowers.

Sweepstakes and Promotions

Money seems to be spent so fast when you are planning a wedding! No matter what kind of budget you have I am sure you would use a freebie!
Find the best ones available right now right here!

Bridal kits

Jamaica Honeymoon

Your questions answered

Victoria asked me a very difficult question that many brides face when planning their wedding. Divorced parents and wedding planning don’t always go hand in hand.
So how do you keep your sanity?
Check my answer here.

The wedding vocabulary expert presents…

Have you ever wondered what on earth is ….?
I am sure this question may come up at some time and point during your wedding planning.
So today we ask…:
What on earth is Gossamer? And what do I do with it?
Curious? Don’t worry , the answer is right here.
Gossamer is a gauze like fabric used for decorations and creating ambiance.
It can be bought in different colors and sizes.
The use of gossamer s a very affordable way to create an environment. From plain colors to theme inspired printed designs you could give this beauty multiple uses.
Decorate tables, make ribbons, chair sashes, use them as back drops or drapery in your venue for your next event.
Want to see for yourself? Check this Star Gossamer Roll and let your imagination run wild.

You really have to…

Want to share your planning with other brides? Do it here...
Show us your cake right here
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