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What’s new

This one is short and sweet, there’s a lot of information to review on the site!

So many pages are added to the site monthly that is hard to keep track of what’s new.
Here are the latest additions in case you missed them.

Beach weddings mean sexy dresses, check them out here!
Planning a Fall wedding? Check out these cakes
What about a Daisy theme reception?
Ice white wedding themes

Your questions answered

Victoria wanted to know what she could do to have an original wedding invitation for her Rose theme. She doesn’t want anything to do with the traditional paper invitation.

Check out my answer on Original Invites for a rose theme wedding and add your own ideas to help this bride by clicking on “Add comment” at the bottom of the page.
We are waiting for all of your tips!

New section

A lot of brides are planning Peacock themed weddings. This is a gorgeous and elegant theme and a very seeing page at the site. Besides bringing a mysterious tone to your wedding, the peacock colors are beautiful and royal. Some brides include peacock inspired details and decorations to give a very special twist to a vintage wedding.

And sometimes, peacock items to incorporate at your wedding were not that easy to find.
In my quest to make wedding planning easier to every bride that wants an original theme, I have included a specialized store to the site, where you could find many peacock items and products to incorporate on your big day.

To make it even easier on you, I am sharing extra ideas as to how you could use these products as part of your wedding. From jewelry, accessories, feathers and fans, you will find the products and special tips to create that dream peacock theme event you are dreaming of.

Come and take a look (and a few pointers) at the Peacock wedding store .
I hope you enjoy the ride!

More specialized stores will be coming your way , so keep an eye if the peacock theme wedding is not your thing, there will be more specialized products for specific themes in the weeks to come.

If you have any suggestions on something you would like to see please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

The Wedding vocabulary expert presents…

Have you ever heard of the four C’s? Curious? Let’s get to it!

The four C’s are nothing other than the qualities of the diamond on your engagement ring. It is an easy form for jewelers to classify the diamonds. They stand for:

* Cut
This term is very familiar to all brides, it means the shape of the diamond, and it is visible to the naked eye.

* Clarity
Is ranked on a scale from F1, which is flawless, to F13, which stands for imperfect. The nearer to clarity perfection, the most expensive your diamond will be. However be careful with this term, you will only be able to tell the difference if you are not a professional only if the diamond is seen magnified or if it’s sitting by another of poorer or richer quality.
To resume, your naked eye won’t be able to tell the difference if the diamond is sitting alone.

* Color
Color also is ranked in a scale From D , which stand for colorless to Y which stands for Yellow. The less color a diamond has, the more valuable.

* Carat
Carats are the measure that indicates the weight of the diamond. This is also a known measure for brides, and easy to detect for the naked eye.

See now, you know. Wasn’t that difficult after all, right?

Don’t forget to…

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