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* The Newest Wedding Themes

* You are looking for what?

* Sweepstakes and Promotions

* Your questions answered

* The wedding vocabulary expert presents…

* A very special announcement

* You really have to…

The Newest Wedding Themes

So many themes are added to the site monthly that is hard to keep track of what’s new.
Here are the latest additions in case you missed them.

Snowflake Wedding Themes
Japanese Wedding Theme
Irish Wedding Theme

Sweepstakes and Promotions

Money seems to be spent so fast when you are planning a wedding! No matter what kind of budget you have I am sure you would use a freebie!
Find the best and newest ones available right now right here!

Get a Honeymoon at Sandal Resorts Saint Lucia

Diamond Ring Sweepstakes

Your questions answered

Van contacted me with this simple question, still hard to answer in though financial times.
You have your colors, you have your venue, and now almost all your budgeted money is gone.
So what do you do if you want simple yet elegant decorations?
Check my answer here.

The wedding vocabulary expert presents…

Have you ever wondered what on earth is ….?
I am sure this question may come up at some time and point during your wedding planning.
So today we ask…:
What on earth is a birdcage veil?
Curious? Don’t worry, the answer is right here.

A birdcage veil is a veil with a very antique feel and look.
Popular during the 1930’s up to the 1940’s this French tulle veil is making a strong come back.
The length of the veil goes from just underneath your eyes, to cheek level or chin level, depending on your preference.
Sounds like any other veil right? Well, not quite so.
. What makes the “birdcage” is the fact that the lower ends of the veil are secured to your hair with some hair pins.
It creates a very unique look and it translates best in vintage weddings, vintage wedding gowns and/or unconventional gowns.

A very special announcement

I remember when I was looking for items for my wedding.
I visited so many sites and I wondered, why can’t I find everything (or at least most of it) at one place?
So it got me thinking, and now I am proud to say that I just opened the Creative theme Wedding Ideas online Bridal Store. There are more than 28,000 wedding products, really a one stop shop for you!
Wedding gowns, invitations, favors, theme kits, tiaras, cake toppers, bridesmaids dresses, flower girls dresses, shoes, tuxedo shoes, bridal jewelry/sets, almost anything you can imagine! (or look for).

So stop by and take a look! Send me a comment and tell me what you think right here. I can’t wait to hear from you!

You really have to…

Want to share your planning with other brides? Do it here... Show us your cakehere. right here… Have a wedding question but don’t know who to cry for help? Ask whatever it is right here !

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