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* A huge apology

* The Newest Wedding Theme

* The wedding vocabulary expert presents…

* You really have to…

A Huge Apology

My dear friends!!! This is the October Ezine, arriving in November.
So many things going on that I just realized that this didn't go out!
But here it is! Enjoy it, and make sure to enjoy your November issue as well. I promise it will be there in no time!

The Newest Wedding Themes

So many themes are added to the site monthly that is hard to keep track of what’s new.
But this time I put special attention to Irish wedding traditions and cake pictures.
So stop by and check them out.

Irish Wedding Traditions
Irish Wedding Dress
Wedding budget, quick tips

The wedding vocabulary expert presents…

Have you heard of a zero gravity wedding?
In the craze of personalizing your wedding and making it one of a kind, some adventurous couples opt to have a zero gravity wedding.

And what exactly is this?
Well, is getting married in a location that simulates weightlessness just like in space.

And this location is no other than the G-Force, a modified jet that allows its passengers to feel like if they are in space.
This aircraft creates what are known as parabolic arcs, that allows you to float and flip just like astronauts do.

As you can imagine this whole experience doesn’t come for cheap.
The first couple to get married this way paid about $60000 for 12 people to experience the flight.

If you want to know more, contact the G-force here

You really have to…

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