Sunflower Theme Wedding

Nothing says All American like a Sunflower Theme Wedding.

This fun free spirit flower is the favorite for western theme weddings and outdoors weddings in general.

Most of us think about the yellow petals and brown center when thinking of a sunflower, but that it is not the only combination. These flowers can have orange, red or a combination of orange and yellow petals as well.

The sunflower represents warmth, adoration and joyfulness.

Some ideas...

* Have your flower girl toss sunflower petals as she walks down the aisle.

* Tie a silk ribbon around the chairs with a sunflower on the bow or the side as a detail.

* Have tall big sunflowers as part of the centerpiece for a striking look.

* Use tablecloth with a sunflower detail.

* Cut your cake with a personalized sunflower cutting set.

* Use sunflower candles.

Dressing the part

Here it is pretty much your choice to decide what you want to do.

You could have any type of dress and have the flower detail embroidered if you like. But the flower detail on your dress it is not necessary and can become overwhelming to have the flower on your dress, when sunflowers are going to be surrounding you.
I love the idea of actually having small flowers embroidered on the veil and/or the train of your dress. I think it gives a more delicate romantic look. Add a fabric sunflower to your garter.

Apart from your bouquet, you could use the fresh flowers to accessorize your hair.
Have your groom wear a matching boutonniere (a buttonhole flower) on his tuxedo and/or sunflower cufflinks.

The wedding favors

So many options!!! Here are just some of them ...

* Chocolate shaped sunflowers

* Sunflower shaped candles

* Sunflower ceramic figurines

* Sunflower Gift Bags

* Hand made soaps

* `Go green and give a bag of sunflower seeds ( you'll find sunflower favor boxes or sunflower detailed tins)

* Mini bouquet of paper sunflowers

* Sunflower shaped cookies

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