Southern Belle Wedding Theme

A southern belle wedding theme is all it takes when you want to
get married Scarlet O’Hara style.

Love the South and a big style gown? Keep reading!

Your romantic vintage invitation

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Your wedding invitation should be romantic and timeless. Floral designs are ideal for this occassion, just like our exclusive DIY invitation kit pictured above.

Southern Belle Style

Southern Belle Style gown

Scarlet O'Hara should be your pure inspiration when choosing your dress. Think corset with a hoop skirt, lots of ribbons and ruffles. And your hair? Do I need to say it? Curls, curls, curls!

If your southern belle wedding theme will take place at night, think about some glitter for your jewelry, but keep it simple, nothing overwhelming. You want to add some sparkle to your look in the night time, but nothing flashy, remember you are a southern belle for the night!

A bridal set with a flower design is ideal for this event.

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Setting the scene for your big day

When planning a southern belle wedding one of the most important things is the venue where your event will take place.<br>
This is one of those themes where it is almost essential that you get it right choosing the venue to set the scene.<br>
Preferably you will have to hold your party at a mansion with a big lawn or maybe a hotel with an antique setting.<br>

You know, the perfect venue will allow you to achieve the vintage feeling for this theme.

The event will have to take place outdoors if possible and for this reason it will have to be a summer or spring wedding. If you do your homework and you find a mansion with a big oak tree it will be perfect! You need to think of breathtaking scenery and picture perfect spots.

The colors for your day should be pastel. Consider pink, baby blue and/or yellow. Decorate an accentuate details in those colors to set the scene.
You can watch "Gone with the wind" for inspiration.

If you want something more original than the typical flower arrangement as a center piece, here are some ideas:

* A flat glass container with mini floating candles, for example butterfly floating candles.

* A butterfly, dragon fly, or lady bug centerpiece.

* A tray of butterfly, flowers or  bee shaped cookies.

* A delicate rose topiary centerpiece

The southern food

You want your guests to feel at home and show your Southern hospitality. For your southern belle wedding theme you should consider serving a buffet which could include fried fish, rice and beans, grilled potatoes and salads.

For drinks consider jars of tea, lemonade and Coke. If you can and your wedding it's informal serve the drinks in glass jars (like the ones that contain jelly),so typical of the south.

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