A NY Theme Wedding
Big City Dreams for Your Big Day

Want a NY theme wedding? If you are a girl that loves the Big Apple and dreams about an elegant wedding, having a NY theme wedding is what you want.

This is a unique but classy theme. It also works wonder for those couples having a New Years wedding.

I know you might be thinking there's a lot of work involved to bring this theme alive. Well, think again!

Are you curious?
Let's get started!

NY wedding gown, black and white wedidng gown

The Colors

Nothing screams elegance at a wedding more than simple and classy combination. This theme is no exception when it comes to the color palette.

Black and white will be the stars at your wedding. You can always use an extra color to accentuate them, such as gold or silver.
If you want to add a dramatic touch, add some red but only in small quantities, for example only in flower bouquets or centerpieces.

But what about the cake? Have an elegant tiered cake with the black and white details or you could carry along with the red bold detail if you preferred.
This will create a focal point in the reception hall and uniformity to your theme.

ny theme wedding cake, black and white monogram cake

Big Apple Decorations.

You are combining black and white on your reception hall to create that intimate and classy look.

Want to go the extra mile and bring the city to life on your venue?
Use some skycrapers columns to frame your venue or head table.

These columns create the illusion of the NY city skyline, just a surplus to your magical evening. Imagine all the fun pictures you can have with them in the background, it will make a night to remember.

City Bride

Life in the city is fast paced. And city nights are full of fun and great cocktails.

Implementing original wedding ideas can make your event one to talk about. One of the greatest ways to do so is by serving an exclusive cocktail.

And what kind of cocktails do New Yorkers love?
The trend setters go for cocktails made with sake and/or pomegranate.
If this is too much for you to handle go classic and serve other New Yorkers favorites such as a Sidecar or champagne cocktails.

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