40's theme wedding

by Christina
(Sacramento, CA )

I am an event planner for a state fair in California but my son and his fiance are planning their wedding and small reception in Portland Oregon, June 2011. Their colors are silver, navy and kind of a teal blue. Their theme is 40's but I just cant put my arms around it. They want it classy like in the days but lots of fun.

One other thing is that I am planning the big reception in Sacramento CA in August. They said it is all my decisions on whatever I want but want to continue with their theme except their colors. I already bought the diamond ring napkin rings which they like, I have a caterer, DJ, graphic designer already in mind. Plus a friend who is a fashion designer and willing to buy the material and sew all of the tablecloths and napkins. But I just can't move forward. Nothing comes to mind except diamonds, white, lights, silver, black. My dad would have been so proud of my son picking that era. He was a classy man.

Please help.

Dear Christina:

Planning a 1940?s theme wedding is lots of fun. It looks like you have all the right people lined up and your event will be great !
I think that the fact that this is your son's wedding is what doesn't let you move forward more than anything else. It is a lot of pressure to plan a wedding an one as important as your own son has to be stressful!

So here is what I think. Weddings in the 40's were elegant and classy and the main focus was on the couple, not on the decorations, food, etc.
You know what colors they want and the era for the event.

If you just want to use the era for the theme, you just need to decorate within the color palette, tables, flowers, everything from the invitation to give the event a uniform look from the get go. You can choose some pattern or abstract design to help you. Damask patterns, squares and straight lined designs were popular in those days. The era will come alive with your menu and drinks,and if suitable for the couple the music.
Tom Collins, whiskey, campari,gimlet and daiquiri were some of the popular drinks in the day.
Crab salads, anchovies, filet mignon, frog legs, lobster,ravioli,spaghetti,wild rice and mushrooms, shrimp salad were some of the plates in an exquisite menu back in the day.

You also say that they want it to be fun, so I am not quite sure if they want fun details or activities in the event or if they want the reception to be informal.
Adding a suitable side theme within the 40s may help you give the wedding the unique look every couple wants for their special day.

Some options?

A diamond theme wedding, as the US believe or not was the main source of diamonds in 1940's before we entered the war as well.
A military theme, as war world II unfolded in the 40s, with your colors a navy oriented theme will fit.
For the late 40s, a Hollywood glamour theme, a big band theme or a jazz theme will fit as well.
For a more informal wedding, a carnival theme could be a fun option.

A 1940's popular game that you can get a kick our in a wedding was the blowing bubble gum contest. If you want to incorporate it in an informal reception, but i have the idea that you are going for something more chic, as you mention the diamond napkin ring.

I have tons of ideas for you, but I think that you should decide first if this is a formal event, a relaxed one and if you want to complement the area with a side theme or go straight to making forties the theme.
Hope this has given you some food for thought.
Contact us back if you need extra help. We love to hear from you.


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