1940's wedding theme decoration ideas

We are planning on a 1940's theme for our wedding and I am looking for some creative ideas decorating or otherwise.

So far we will have the music and dress for the time period, we also have an old car we will be leaving in.

But as for decorating I need creative ideas. Thanks!

And my answer...

Dear Bride:

Planning a 1940’s theme wedding is lots of fun.

I see you are already ahead of your game with the dress and music.

Now, let’s work on the decorations.

Remember that the 40’s where also time of war so your decorations will be simple, unless you are giving your theme a glamorous holly wood look.

Think simple with these tips in mind.

Colors: Black and white are favorites. Though some couples decide for pale pinks, or go with a bold accentuating color such as red or blue.

Flowers: Calla Lilies are the preferred one for this theme
Roses are also very popular

For centerpieces, use a classy floral arrangement or for a unique idea, candle lamps.

Candle centerpieces are a great way to bring the vintage right into your venue, so you can try that out.

A very different 1940’s theme centerpiece is made using vintage suitcases.
Simply use the small case and decorate with vintage stickers, or travel destination stickers to the outside.

Or you can use it as the base for your flower arrangement (place a vase inside it that will hold the flowers).

Theme setters can also help you achieve the look you want.

Is it a glam Hollywood theme? A military or patriotic look one? A day at the park 1940’s theme?

You can check 1940’s theme wedding.

Chair covers and sashes are something you shouldn’t worry about with this theme.
They were not used in back in the day, however if you think they will add to your theme.

So remember, the focus was in the newlyweds , not on the looks of the venue themselves.

Please let me know how it goes or if you have decided your colors or theme look, so I can give you more detail ideas.

And come back and show as all your pictures, favors or whatever you want to share about your wedding planning experience or wedding day!


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