Elegant 1920s Theme Wedding

A Party With Vintage Glamour Written Over It

1920s Theme Wedding

During the twenties parties were big and loud, and that is the feeling of a 1920s inspired celebration.

Inspiration for your event can come from silent movies which were popular, with Charlie Chaplin as the star. Greta Garbo and Humphrey Bogart, from later in the twenties, could also be used as your muses.

Cocktail parties were the order of the day, and martinis the favorite drink, so don't miss this one at the bar.

Setting up for your 1920s Wedding

Nile green candle holder 1920s wedding theme decorations

The colors for your wedding should be ivory, jade green, Nile green, coral, turquoise and/or pale pink. You can implement great wedding ideas with them.

If you are planning to use only one color for the linen, but want to give your table some detail, think about using a crochet tablecloth on top of the regular one.

I love the idea of reserving the pale pink and ivory for the tables, or coral and ivory for a more dramatic effect, but feel free to combine these colors any way you want—just don't overdo it, or the vintage effect will be lost.

1920s flower arrangement, 1920s theme wedding,  twenties wedding theme, vintage wedding theme, flower arrangement, vintage arrangement

You can use floral arrangements in these colors, too. White or pale pink roses look wonderful in this setting.

If you plan to use vases for the arrangements, they could be glass or metal to resemble silver, which was very popular. You can wrap a string of plastic pearls vertically going around the vase twice if you want to create a sophisticated effect, or tie a bow with lace around the vase for a vintage effect.

Feathered boas are a fun item that will put everyone in the 20s mood, so consider them as either part of your setting or attire.

1920s Theme Bridal Attire

1920s wedding bride, vintage bride, bride veil

Your 1920s theme wedding dress should have a very low waistline, with a hemline usually shorter in the front than in the back.
Consider silk and satin for your dress fabric, which you can also embroider.

The low cut was introduced in the 20s, which helped draw attention to the jewelry, which included pearls, silver and platinum. Accessorize your look with a flowered or feathered headband lower on your forehead or a Juliet cap with a veil if you dare!

And if you want to create a fun look, your bridesmaids could wear flapper dresses!

The Menu

1920s theme wedding,  twenties wedding theme, vintage wedding theme, vintage cake, twenties style cake

Do you have any idea of what types of food was served the 1920s?

Believe it or not, Chinese food was really popular, so consider some finger foods for the entree. You could also serve canapé of anchovies and/or olives, which were common items at parties.

Waldorf and/or Caesar salad could go with your main course. Striped bass and lamb medallion could also be options.
What about the sweets? Well, Venetian ice cream was served for dessert at events during that time.

As for drinks, martinis and champagne were the favorites, so keep them in mind!

And don't forget the cake!

Just make it match the theme by decorating it with fresh roses (take a look at the picture for inspiration).

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