1920s Theme Wedding

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1920s Theme Wedding

Celebrations with a look from years long gone are one of the hottest trends in wedding industry. And one of the most popular vintage wedding themes that brides select nowadays is that of the 20's. If you are trying to have a glamorous yet fun wedding with a retro look, you are going to love Adam and Vicky’s wedding ideas.

1920s theme wedding, bird cage

They used lots of birdcages for wedding decorations, which created that very wanted retro look.

1920s theme wedding,1920s bouquet, cascading bouquet

Vicky decided to have a bright red rose bouquet. It was a pomander style with cascading roses as well. It was breathtaking and contrasted effortlessly with her 20s inspired dress.

1920s theme wedding, vintage bridesmaids

Her jewelry was simple; pearls and a headband to fit the theme. Her bridesmaids looked adorable in themed flapper dresses, which they combined with warm personalities. Take a look at one of the great wedding pictures they took with their fun attitude.

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1920s theme wedding, vintage centerpieces
1920s theme wedding, vintage centerpieces
1920s theme wedding, vintage centerpieces

True to 1920s style the floral arrangements looked homemade. Combining purple flowers with different elements make each one of them unique. They were also placed in different types of vases, which helped create the DIY look.

1920s theme wedding, wedding accessories

Vicky had the great idea to display a bunch of headbands at the venue. Her guests were encouraged to grab and wear one for the celebration.

1920s theme wedding, table settings
Photos Courtesy of Creative Wedding Photographer Rosie Parsons

The table settings were simple and had that “blast from the past” vibe. The centerpiece was adorned with vintage postcards, which served as table cards. Every table had a different motif, which made their guests recognize the seating arrangements right away.

Adam and Vicky know how to party 20s style, and so can you.

Their vintage wedding theme had great elements that you can incorporate in your own celebration.

Vicky had the bridal party attire just right. While flapper dresses are super fun to wear, if it is not your thing you can achieve the style with the proper wedding accessories. Birdcage veils, feathered headbands and pearl jewelry are some examples.

There is a lot of do it yourself project potential in this wedding. You can recreate their floral arrangements with ease. You can choose your own wedding colors and use wildflowers for that time long gone air.

Using different containers such as glass vases, glass bottles, marmalade jars, etc., can give a vintage look to a classic arrangement.

The birdcages can be used not only as decorations, but also as original wedding cardholders.

Get your creative juices going and create an unforgettable 1920s theme wedding like Vicky and Adam!

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