1920s Flapper Dresses

the best 1920s flapper dresses

1920s flapper dresses are synonym of party and fun. Fringes, delicate colors and lots of swing are images that are embedded in our heads from a  classy yet intense time.

The Big Band Era, secret parties, speakeasy and lots of long nights filled with music are always inspiration for brides and grooms that want to capture the theme and make it their own.

For the brides, bridesmaids and guests who want something truly original, mimicking the look and fashions of the 1920s area must. While many run to watch "The Great Gatsby" one more time, there are really simple steps that you can take to recreate the look.

Gorgeous hair accessories are your best friends in this task. Art deco and retro inspired items can match your dress and take your style to a new level.

Long pearl necklaces, sequins, feathers and gold elements are always present in rings, hair bands, ear rings and even long satin gloves.

Are you ready to dance the night away in a beautiful retro inspired dress?

Take a look at these amazing retro style dresses with a modern twist.

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