Should I give out favors to the guests at my engagement party?

by Melissa

My fiancé and my parents are throwing us an engagement party. It started out small, only 40 people. But it has now grown to 90 people. And that was after making several cuts. Do we need to have favors for the guests at an engagement party?

And my answer...

First of all congratulations in your engagement!

With that being said let's get down to business!

90 people seems to be a large number for an engagement party.

As for “need”, my answer will be no, you don't have the need to give out favors.

This is one of those questions that it is really up to you.
Traditionally , favors at an engagement party are not requested. It is understood that this is a celebration and /or presentation of your upcoming nuptials.

But if you feel the need to give your guests favors at the engagement, nobody is going to go against your will!

As a matter of facts many brides to be are adopting this trend, just as to show appreciation for their guests.
But it is not traditionally part of bridal etiquette to give engagement party favors.

So if you go with it, what should you give to your guests?...

If you do decide to give favors, think of something small, maybe a functional favor.
If you know when your wedding will be held,
“save the date magnets”
are a great option.

Also on the Save the date note, but a little bit yummier, are the original "Save the Date" personalized chocolate bars

Also very popular are any types of candy and/or mini candles.

Just enjoy your party and make it fun!
Once again congrats! And come back and let us know how it went!

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